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Jacket design by Maya (maya4design)

Published: 2017 November 2

Words:  7,880

Tags:  blow jobs, consensual sex, creampie eating, cum swapping, fellatio, oral sex, sperm swapping, vaginal sex

Kinky Kisses

ISBN: 97-813-70286270

Sue walked in on her boyfriend Lou while he was looking at porn on his computer in computer room at his house.  Embarrassed he quickly that was caught he quickly minimized the images.  Sue being more open about porno than any girl Lou has every date was very curious what he was viewing.

Taking control of the mouse she hit the history button on browser.  What appear on the monitor waste most graphic picture that Sue has ever seen, two attractive women, one blonde and the other a brunette.  The brunette with her head directly over blonde, both with the mouths wide open as if they were going to kiss except the brunette was dripping sperm into the blonde’s mouth.

After watch numerous videos and looking a photos of women swapping sperm with each other, Sue couldn’t get the images out of her mind.  She wanted to experience exchanging her boyfriend’s sperm with another woman.

Lou was on board if Sue could convince her best friend Teri.

Sue approach Teri and did not take much convince.  However the only condition was that Teri’s boyfriend, Robert be included.

During the week Sue and Teri made the arrangements for Saturday night around nine o’clock after dinner. 

After several drinks and an hour of small talk, Teri broke the ice by sampling stripping her cloths without saying word.  Taking Teri’s cue, Sue placed her hand on Robert’s lap to feel his erection as she sat on Lou lap.  Soon all four of them naked and the girls decide that Lou will be first.

Sue and Robert snuggled as they watched our respective partners.  Teri sat down on the floor between Lou’s legs and started to suck him off.  It was fascinating to watch another woman give Sue’s boyfriend a blow-job.  She sucked him off better than she did, and Sue felt a bit jealous for a minute.  Teri somehow was able to completely deep throat him.  Sue could never fit his whole cock inside her mouth.  Teri bobbed her head up and down on his stiff cock.  Her long blond hair got all messed up as she gave him oral sex.  Lou’s hands caressed her shoulders as he closed his eyes and received his blow-job.  Sue knew that his cock must be feeling really good as she expertly sucked him off faster and faster.

Eventually Lou couldn’t take it anymore; Robert and Sue watched him as he closed his eyes tightly and shot his cum into her best friend Teri’s mouth, prelude to the kinky kisses.


I One of the best stories that I have beat off too!


And hot, hot, hot!

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