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Awards For Me

Award For Me released on Thursday, March 29!!! Get your copy today. EBook available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords.

Sue is an upcoming designer at her interior design firm so much so that Kim, the owner of the firm made her a studio director. She is the youngest, at twenty-five, studio director the firm has ever had and Kim has taken a shine to her. Sue reminded Kim of herself at that age, beautiful, talented and ambitious. Kim also suspects that like her, Sue loves sex and will test that theory at the Awards banquet.

Sue had put the firm in the national spotlight for a very successful branding and graphic design she had created, which had won her the most prestigious national award given in the industry, an accomplished feat for her age; being the youngest recipient ever. Sue was also being given a special award from her firm. What Sue didn’t know was that Kim had more awards waiting for her leading up to the Awards banquet and afterwards.

Lou, Sue’s husband, would be leaving the country for his job but wanted to make sure he was there to see his beautiful, sexy wife accept her awards before he left. The banquet this year was being held in St. Croix so Sue was glad he was coming because it would be a 3-day mini-vacation for them before he left. Sue knew that Kim had paid for everything so she knew everything would be fantastic.

The first night there, Sue was already enjoying the attention she was receiving from Kim and her three male co-workers, who had also won an award because of her design, which brought in hundreds of new customers. Just by the way they were treating her so special gave Sue goosebumps. They were treating her like a sexy starlet with compliments galore and hints at forbidden pleasures. Sue was wet and horny by the time Lou and she reached their room.

As soon as they did, they were having passionate sex and fantasying about a topic they had discussed many times and was one of Lou’s favorites…watching her having sex with other men. The next couple of days were a sexy prelude to fulfilling that fantasy for both of them with Kim leading the parade. Sue was enjoying every bit of attention she was receiving and she was about to find out just what kind of special awards you can receive from doing such a good job for your firm.

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