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More Than Boudoir

An organismic story from the creative and erotic minds of Sue Teri & Kyle Canon. Get you copy today! Available Amazon, Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords.

Teri was an educated, intelligent, personal woman but on top of all that, she was very beautiful and sexy. Not vain by nature, Teri was well aware of how men and women reacted to her looks and she took advantage of her looks at every opportunity. You see, Teri was also a nymphomaniac who could not satisfy her hunger for sex. She had tried multiple outlets to satisfy her cravings but no matter what she did, it was never enough and was always looking for the next sexual encounter to come her way.

Fortunately for Teri, it didn’t take very long. One day while having lunch with her best friend Sue, Teri mentioned that it was her and her husband’s, Ben, wedding anniversary and she wanted to give him something special, something that would really turn him on because like her, Ben had an insatiable appetite for sex also and just loved Teri surprising him.

As Teri and Sue discussed this dilemma of the perfect gift, Sue mentioned to her about maybe doing a Boudoir photo shoot. Teri had never done anything like that but was very intrigued by this idea. The more they talked about it, the more interested Teri became. Teri asked Sue had she done anything like this before and Sue said that she had because she did a photo shoot as a gift for her husband, Lou. Teri asked her did Lou loved the gift. She stated that he had, especially after she told him about the photographer and his wife. This piqued Teri’s interest even more and asked Sue for details but all she would say was that Kyle had a hot wife who occasionally modeled herself and was his assistant in all things. Teri would have to find out the rest for herself. Sue handed Teri a business card with the name and number of the photographer, Behind The Lens. The card listed a few of the things his business covered including, portfolios, glamour shots and private screenings. At the bottom of the card in small but bold letters in italics were the words: “Very Discreet”

If Sue recommended him, then he must be good and ‘very discreet’, which Teri relished. A few day after arriving in the Miami area, Teri called the number on the card and a very pleasant-sounding voice answered the call. If Lilly looked like anything close to how she sounded, Teri was already looking forward to this photo shoot.

After scheduling a time, Teri showed up a half hour early and as soon as Kyle opened the door and they looked at each other, both of them instantly knew that this was going to be the best photo shoot ever done with the possibilities endless.

Soon, Teri was going to be testing her cravings with a husband and wife team that matched her sexual cravings in every sense of the word. She knew that instant that Ben was going to be extremely happy with his anniversary gift this year.

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