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Dare To Walk Naked

Dare To Walk Naked released today!!! Get your copy today! EBook available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and Smashwords.

Three young friends who have known each other since they were kids. There was Pam, the prankster; Isaiah, the muscular black hunk and Sue, the shy quiet one of the group. One summer day they are enjoying the day at a nearby lake. After a few hours of swimming, the three were sitting on the beach relaxing and reminiscing about Pam and the things she had had Isaiah and Sue do throughout their lives. Pranks that she called them, mainly harmless things that she talked Isaiah and Sue into doing.

After a while, Pam stated that she was bored and wanted to do something different. Both Isaiah and Sue came up with different ideas to do but Pam wasn’t in the mood for any of it. After 15 minutes or so of thinking about what they wanted to do next, Pam spoke up and asked both of them if they ever thought if anyone had ever had the nerve to get naked on the beach.

Sue thought Pam was talking about another beach on the other side of the lake, a nude beach that they had gone to many of times. Sue told Pam that she was up to going if they were up to it. Pam quickly corrected her, saying she didn’t mean that beach but the beach they were on. Both Isaiah and Sue looked at her like she was crazy because the beach they were on was a public beach, a non-nude beach where families and the general public went to spend the day.

Telling Pam that she was crazy and no one would go nude on this public beach. Pam got that mischievous look in her eye and stared directly at Sue and told her that she dared Sue to walk the beach nude. Sue just laughed and said right, you are crazy. Pam didn’t leave it alone though and told Sue she would pay her $100 to do it. At that time, Isaiah chimed in and told Sue that they would pay her $500 if she did it.

Sue said there is no way she was going to do it, especially since she knew they didn’t have that kind of money, plus there was no way she was going to get naked and walk the beach with a 1000 people or more staring at her. Isaiah spoke up again and said they would pay her a $1000.

Thinking they were not going to leave it alone, she halfheartedly said that she would do it for a $1000. Isaiah made her promise that she would do it if they paid her. Sue promised. That night, Sue knew there was no way she would do it, mainly because she knew they would not come up the money but also because she was to shy and introverted to do anything like that.

The next day when they met at the beach, there were 20 or so friends from high school sitting there. When Isaiah came up to her with a handful of cash, she knew that she was in trouble. Sue was about to find out what a true dare meant and whether her life as she knew it would be changed forever.

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