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Fantasy Comes True

Lou has always had a fantasy of having his wife, Sue, being fucked by a stranger while he watched. Sue knew about his fantasy but they really had never followed through with that fantasy. Also, Lou did not realize how much Sue wanted this same fantasy to come true. Both Sue and Lou loved their sex life; it was never boring because they were both willing to try new ways to satisfy their sexual appetite and cravings.

Sue knew that this was one of Lou’s fantasies but she had always waited for Lou to bring up the subject, even though she knew he was too scared to. Finally, Sue took matters into her own hands. One morning, after they had fooled around in bed, Sue asked Lou if he was serious about his fantasy of her fucking a stranger. When he confessed that he was, Sue told him that it was time to act upon it.

Sue gave Lou instructions to go shopping and pick her out some “slutty” clothes for her to wear that night. Sue left it to Lou’s discretion on what clothes he felt was appropriate for this next adventure in their sex life. Upon returning home after work, Sue found all the special garments that Lou had bought, left on the bed for her.

After dressing and letting Lou inspect how Sue was dressed, it was time to lay the groundwork and the guidelines, for this special adventure. They decided that Lou would go first to this club that they picked out and wait for Sue to arrive. This would be the ultimate role-playing, watching his wife pick up a total stranger and bring him back to the house to fuck while he watched.

Upon arriving at the bar/club, Sue picks out the man she is going to seduce. After making eye contact with Lou, Sue puts her plan into action. Lou sat there and watched his wife intertwine herself with this stranger, getting him to dance with her. While dancing, both Sue and the stranger groped each other as Sue puts her move on him.

After whispering into the stranger’s ear and telling him that she wants to fuck him, she tells him to wait outside for her. Sue makes her way to where Lou is sitting and tells him the plan. What happens next, is the best fantasy either one of them had ever imagined.

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