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Backdoor Adventure

Sue and Lou decide to spend the weekend at a remote cabin with Sue’s best friend, Teri, and her boyfriend, Robert. The weekend starts off somewhat quiet and after everyone is settled in for the night, the adventure begins.

Both couples are sleepy and one large room, each couple to their own bed. While Sue and Lou are cuddling, Lou starts to get frisky and wants to have sex. Sue is hesitant at first because she does not want to wake up Teri and Robert. With Lou’s persistent attention, Sue gives in but tells Lou for them to go downstairs on the couch so they’ll wake up the other couple.

Once downstairs, Sue relaxes and lets Lou give her the attention that she is craving. Sue’s mind is racing as hard as her heart is beating. She wants to try something new, something different, something forbidden. Sue knows that Lou is as hungry as she is to try new things to increase their lovemaking.

What Sue decides on, even she is not sure of it, but she’s is in an adventurous mood and it’s now or never. She gets on her knees and bends over the couch and tells Lou what she wants him to do. She tells him that she’s never had her ass eaten before and she wants him to be the first. Lou is hesitant at first but he loves Sue so much and he’s willing to do anything for her and to her.

In the middle of this new adventure, Sue’s ass being ravished by Lou, both of them are unaware that Teri has awoken and is coming down the stairs. Teri is mesmerized by what she’s witnessing but she’s also is carrying a secret that none of them are aware of and she feels it’s time to share that secret with Sue.

Teri interrupts Sue’s and Lou’s new adventure and makes a wager with Sue that she can do better at eating her ass than any man could. What follows next, brings Sue to a whole new enlightenment about sex with Lou and all the pleasures that can be had.

Once Teri wins her bet, Sue becomes a wild woman and what happens to rest of the weekend between her and Lou will never be forgotten. Their love for one another grows beyond measure and their sex life will never be the same.

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