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Co-Worker's Husband's Fantasy

Cathy and Bob were your “so-so” typical husband and wife when it came to their relationship and more importantly, their sexual relationship. Both of them had sexual preferences that they like and one of these preferences that Bob particularly enjoyed was having anal intercourse with Cathy. There was one problem though, Cathy really did not like having intercourse in her ass. She did not get any pleasure from it and it was painful to her also. One day Cathy was having lunch with her coworker, Sue. Sue was more than just a coworker, she was Cathy’s friend and sometimes lover, even though her husband, Bob knew nothing of that. As they were talking, Cathy told Sue that Bob was after her again about wanting anal intercourse. She told her how she keeps putting him off and he’s getting quite frustrated because he wants it so bad. Sue was listening quite intently because unlike Cathy, she loved anal sex, almost, if not more, than straight intercourse. As Cathy kept rambling about this issue with Bob, Sue was formulating a plan in her head. Both of them had already had drink enough wine to give them a buzz but also loosen up their imaginations and suggestions. After 15 to 20 minutes of Cathy explaining to Sue about the situation of anal sex with Bob and she didn’t know how she was going to keep putting him off; Sue blurted out that she was willing to let Bob have anal sex with her, if Cathy was agreeable. Cathy stopped mid-sentence and just stared at Sue. After a few moments, she came back to reality and asked Sue, if she was serious about wanting to let Bob have anal sex with her. Sue explained to her how much she thoroughly enjoys having her ass being filled with a nice cock and she was dead serious in wanting Bob to plug her ass. After taking another gulp of wine, Cathy was intrigued by the idea of having her husband have anal intercourse with Sue and was totally agreeable with the plan. For the next 20 minutes, they hatched a plan to have Sue come over for dinner and “introduce” her to Bob. When Sue arrived that evening for dinner, neither Cathy nor Bob had any clue that Sue was going to give them a night to remember and would be something that would continue

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