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Dane Of The Moutain

Teri was looking forward to her vacation. Usually she went somewhere with a beach because she loved the water and also, she loved watching the “scenery” and the scenery watching her. Wearing a bikini was like a second skin to her and the skimpier, the better. The main thing she didn’t like about the beach or anyplace like that was that she never had any time to herself. Too many people, too many conversations and too much noise. The other reason was that she could not bring her dogs down to the public beach and “play” with them like she wanted.

This year she wanted some secluded place and after looking online, she found a place up in the mountains owned by an older couple. A 1000-acre piece of property nestled in the mountains. There were three cabins on the property but the two weeks she chose, her cabin would be the only one filled, which Teri was extremely happy about. One cabin out in the middle of nowhere with no one around. This is what she wanted, seclusion and total privacy.

The first day there she had put on her bikini to lay out but when she realized no one was going to see her, she took off her bikini to lay out nude. She was so happy she picked this place. She knew it was going to be secluded but she didn’t realize how much until that first day. She was so happy that she could bring her dogs and also all her nasty “play toys”. Just lying there thinking about all the things she could do, all the screaming and pleasure she could do, just made her more excited for being there.

As she laid there thinking about what she wanted to do first, her hands instinctively started massaging and kneading her nipples and working one hand down along her stomach on its path to her favorite place. Her mind was a million miles away while she explored every inch of her body. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t even noticed the beautiful Dane that had wandered up and started sniffing her sex.

As soon as she opened her eyes and saw this beautiful dog, she knew it was going to be a wonderful two weeks. This Dane became an obsession and what followed would have her coming back year after year.

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