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Green Silk

Sue has always been a risk taker and this night will push the limit. Tonight, sue plays her role as submissive to her Master, Lou. Sue has always loved playing this role of her Master is loving and caring, she lives to please him…in whatever role he put he in.

This particular session is quite different from anything Lou has ever done with his beautiful submissive and he looking forward to watching her but also to make sure she follows his commands and wishes at all times. Sue has a tendency sometimes to step of line and has to correct her. Tonight, he doesn’t want to be embarrassed in front of his peers.

Lou stands his submissive in the middle of the room with nothing on, no cloths, so spiked heels, no restraints, no collar; just a long green silk scarf covering her eyes and trailing down to the crack of her ass. The Master has told his submissive nothing of his plan for tonight…she has asked no questions of her Master. He is pleased with her obedience because tonight as a big test for her. Will she be able to handle the position he is about to place her in? Will she obey when she becomes totally aware of what Master has planned for her this evening?

Sue sense the tension and she wants to relieve him of his stress. Whatever he has planned, she will do everything in power to please him, to obey his bidding.

Sue is acutely aware that something is different, she listens closely to the sounds like more than one person is breathing. Her whole body tenses to what’s about happen, butterflies flutter in her stomach, her tits become hard with the cool air, her pussy is throbbing in anticipation

And then someone speaks but it’s not her master.

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