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Storage Room Bang

Lou and Sue love each other more than anything and they love their sex life just as much. Each one has their own sexual appetite, which works in harmony with each other because each one loves to share their fantasies. Lou’s favorite fantasy is watching his wife have sex with other men. Sue loves to fulfill her husband’s fantasy.

While at a law symposium in Phoenix, Lou hints to Sue that there were going to be a lot of lonely lawyers there and it was a shame that’s these men didn’t have someone to have a little fun with while there. Sue knew exactly what he was hinting at and played along. Lou looks straight at Sue and ask her if she agrees with him. Sue doesn’t answer but just smiles and disappears into the bathroom to get dressed. While Sue dresses, he makes his way down to the convention room to meet up with his colleagues.

Sue decides to wear a short, low-cut black cocktail dress with 5-inch stiletto heels. As soon as she walks into the room, all heads turned towards her and are amazed at this beautiful, sexy woman. When Lou notices her, his mouth pops open. He has never seen Sue wear such a short dress. When Sue sits down next to Lou, her dress rides up even more. When Lou looks down between her legs, he sees that she’s not wearing any panties. He also can see by her nipples pushing against the flimsy material, that she wasn’t wearing a bra either. Sue smiles at him and puts her hand on his crotch.

underneath the table. By how hard he was, she knew she made the right choice in outfit.

After getting a little tipsy and dancing with a few horny lawyers, Sue whispers into Lou’s ear. She walks over to the bar where a dark, handsome man was getting a drink. She knew he was single because she had been watching him all night. After a few minutes, they are dancing to a slow dance.

After 10 minutes of grinding herself into this man, she takes his hand and leads them to a storeroom in the back of the convention center, with Lou following. Waiting a few minutes and hearing moans emanating from the room, he walks in and closes the door.

What happens then would be an evening to remember.

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