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Stormy Night Memory

One summer evening, while Sue and Lou were cuddling one another, it started lightning and raining. Something stirred inside Lou, a memory from the previous summer. A very pleasurable memory. His mind wandered back to how it began…

Sue had not seen her best friend, Teri for five years. Teri moved across country to what she called her “urban exile” to find life in the big city, but now she was back home living in an apartment with other a roommate.

With a chance encounter from Sue’s gorgeous friend, Teri, at an outdoor May wedding, a plan formed in Sue’s devious mind on how the three of them could become much closer. Sue and Lou had always wanted to try a threesome, especially Lou. When Sue pointed out Teri to Lou, she could tell right away the thoughts that Lou was having. She had to giggle because she had the same thoughts the first time she saw Teri.

Sue finally encouraged Lou to go talk to Teri and “feel” her out and to “Be straight with her. Don’t play games.” Taking Sue’s advice, Lou approached Teri and started to weave his magic. By the time the conversation was over, Sue smiled to herself as she watched Teri giving Lou a passionate kiss goodbye before getting into her roommate’s car and driving away.

When Lou reported back to Sue and told her that Teri, in not so many words, that she was hoping to see both of them again real soon. Lou also told her of the secret crush that Teri had on her and that maybe someday she could prove it. Sue knew from that point, that they would all become very close. The question would be when.

What Sue didn’t know was that time came quicker than she thought it would. In fact, only a month later when Sue and Lou were at a group function that the state park. Surprisingly, Teri happened to be at the same function. When a storm came up unexpectedly and everyone scattered for their cars, Teri had nowhere to go because she had been dropped off by her roommate.

Seizing the moment, Sue invited Teri to come home with them. What happened then was beyond their wildest dreams

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