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The Stewardess Of The Manor

The Stewardess of the Manor, just thinking about it brings a smile to Sue’s face. She has been taking care of Teri since she was five years old. She remembers well her parents hiring her as a nanny and then becoming her guardian after the death of Teri’s parents in a car accident. Now she is the Stewardess of Teri’s manor.

She has watched Teri grow from a young, precocious child to a sometimes wild and rebellious teenager and then to a beautiful, sexy woman. During all those years, she has been with Teri through the good and the bad, through the ups and downs and the most important thing, watching as her sexual appetites, awakenings, desires have cultivated throughout the years.

With every one of those years, Sue has been there and been a part of Teri’s sexual growth. Sue has taught her and has been taught by her all the sexual pleasures that there is to be had. From innocent to downright debauchery, Sue has been there for Teri in one capacity or another. Their love for one another has no bounds. Both would give up their lives for each other.

Thinking about all of Teri’s sexual adventures, many, many of them Sue has been involved in one way or the other and reminiscing about it makes her wet every time. This time, waiting for Teri to arrive home was no different. Sue’s moisture was becoming more and she could smell her sex aroma.

When Teri finally arrived home, and stepped out of the car, Sue almost orgasm right there on the steps. Keeping her composure, she greets Teri with a loving, passionate kiss before asking her how her meeting with her financial advisors went.

Teri had to be at a formal gala in a couple hours. She would rather just skip it and stay home with Sue but this gala is a fundraiser for her favorite charity and she wouldn’t miss it for the world. It was still a couple hours away before it was time for her to leave so she put herself in the capable hands of her loving Stewardess, Sue.

Teri knew that Sue would have taken care of everything so she need not worry. As Sue leads her to her bedroom, she discovers how much Sue has taken care of everything and it will be an evening to remember.

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