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Weekend Tryst

Teri was nervous as hell as she sat in a condo down to Destin. She could not keep still. She kept getting up and walking around, waiting, thinking, contemplating what was going to happen this weekend with her best friend, Sue.

Teri has had a crush on Sue for the longest time and a few months back, she made Sue aware of her feelings and desires for her but Sue never said anything or responded in a positive or negative way. This passiveness from Sue was driving Teri crazy. She had to know and she needed to know soon.

That’s when Teri put her plan together. She rented this condo and asked Sue if she would like to go down with her. Teri had no illusions on whether Sue would even consider going. Sue was married and had a family and gave no indication to her feelings towards Teri besides being good friends.

Teri went to the condo the day before to get things ready, in hopes that Sue would come. Sue never gave a straight answer whether she was going to show up or not. Teri was already nervous but when she got to call that evening from Sue stating she would be down there the next day, Teri’s nervousness and anxiety increased exponentially.

As she waited for Sue to arrive, Teri’s mind was in overdrive. Was Sue just coming for the weekend because she wanted to get a break from her family and was just coming as her best friend? Was she coming because she had felt the same feelings that Teri had towards her? Too many questions, not enough answers.

What would she do if Sue rejected her? She would be crushed. Would their friendship survive? What if Sue did have the same feelings? Could Teri meet Sue’s expectations? What if Sue thought she was a terrible lover?

Teri was about to have a nervous breakdown when the doorbell rang. Teri just about jumped out of her skin. She hesitated, her knees wobbling and weak. She was dizzy and lightheaded. More than anything, she was scared and excited at the same time.

When the bell rang again, Teri knew it was now or never. When she opened the door, and saw Sue standing there with a wicked grin on her face, she almost cried with happiness. She knew this was going to be a special weekend.

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